Software downloads & updates

Caution: Prior to installing or upgrading one of the software products made available below, please refer to the MyDelair community portal for documentation, release notes and appropriate instructions.

Delair Flight Deck

The Delair Flight Deck application for Android tablets is used for mission preparation and flight monitoring with the UX11 and UX11 Ag UAVs. It is normally distributed via Play Store. The Android Package (APK) is here provided for sideloading (for experienced users).

Older versions

Delair Flight Deck Pro

The Delair Flight Deck Pro application for Windows is used for advanced mission preparation and flight monitoring with the UX11, DT26E and DT46 UAV.

Older versions

Delair After Flight

Delair After Flight is a desktop application for importing flight folders, filtering and processing pictures, applying quality checks and exporting EXIF images, metadata and reports. Use it for flights performed with the UX11, UX11 Ag and DT26E LiDAR UAVs.

Older versions